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How to Replace the Motor on a Dyson - DC05 Published 30/07/2010

Replacing a worn out motor on your Dyson may be fiddly, but it's very achievable and could save you a good bit of money. Watch eSpares demonstrate how to do it yourself in their latest video.

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Hi, I'm Rory from eSpares and in this video, I'm going to show you how to replace the motor on a Dyson DC05.

Now confusingly, your DCO5 will have one of 2 motors, it will either have the YDK or it will have a Panasonic motor. The most important thing here, is that you must replace like for like, because if you try to replace one for the other, it just will not physically fit in your vacuum cleaner. The only way to tell which motor you have is by actually physically opening the whole vacuum up and I'm going to show you how to do that in a minute.

But first, I'm going to take you through the main differences between the 2 motors so you know which one you need to get when it comes to ordering.

Now this is the YDK motor, it's labelled as such here but if yours isn't labelled, you'll be able to tell it's a YDK because it will have 3 steps at the top here. The Panasonic is also labelled as you can see there – again, if yours isn't labelled, you'll be able to tell it's a Panasonic by the circular plastic here at the top and the fact that it only has 2 steps.

Now, my DC05 has a Panasonic motor so that's the one I'm going to be replacing today, but the process is exactly the same no matter which motor you have, so you'll be able to follow these instructions.

Safety first: always make sure your vacuum is switched off before you get to work.

What I'm going to do first is just remove the bin and all other external components just so I can then start to get access to the inside of the machine. Okay, now we've removed all the external parts from the vacuum, I need to separate the main body of the Dyson. To do this, I'll need to remove 5 holding screws, one is situated down here and there's two situated behind each wheel so what I'll need to do is pull the wheel back and get my Torx head screwdriver and remove. Now I've taken all the screws out, I can separate the body.

Now, the body comes in 3 main parts, this is the upper motor assembly, the actuators sit on here. This is the motor assembly - now I just need to uncouple these wires and in the motor assembly, of course the motor is housed, and finally this is the lower motor assembly in which the cable rewind sits. Now I'm just going to take the wheels off of the lower motor assembly because when it comes to reassembling the body it's a lot easier to do with the wheels off, so I'm just going to pop out these plugs and use a flat-head screwdriver to remove the wheel and just do the same on the other side.

Okay, now I've separated the motor assembly from the rest of the vacuum, I can start to disassemble it. Now, I'm just going to take first off the motor bucket top and now remove the fan case seal and what I can do now is just reconfirm that my replacement motor is the same as the original motor, which it is so that's good. So now I'm just going to very, very carefully just remove the motor from the bucket because I don't want to uncouple these wires here because, basically, these wires must be rewired on your new motor in exactly the same way as you find them.

If the wiring looks any different on your motor, don't pay any attention to what you can see in this video, just make sure you rewire your own motor in exactly the same way you found it. Also, if you have different colour wires, the blue and black are neutral, and red and brown are live.

So what I'm going to do first, just to make sure I do rewire everything okay, I’m going to take a photo so I know exactly which wires goes where, and now I can just uncouple. Okay, and now I can wire my new motor.

Okay, now I've rewired my new motor, I can put it back in the bucket and it will only go one way - these 2 eyes here match up with 2 raised pieces in there so I'm just going to fit that in, there we go, now I can put my fan seal on and put the motor bucket top on like that. Okay, and that is my motor assembly reassembled, so now all I need to do is reassemble the entire vacuum.

Okay, to reassemble the vacuum you need to do it in a certain order, first, you need your lower motor cover and you need to put your cable rewind back into position. It only goes one way, it slots into a groove so make sure that's all good, and now we can take out motor cover and recouple these wires. Obviously these are colour co-ordinated so that's all good, we can recouple those. Now, I can rest the motor assembly in the lower motor cover. It should just slot in like that, there we go.

Now, the next bit is putting the upper motor cover on. You can see why we removed the wheels because they would have obviously got in the way a bit. So basically there's a trick to this - you need to get this round part and slot it onto this round part, there you go, it just sits in like that. So now we've got the 3 main parts of the body back together, we just need to re-screw the holding screws, so that's what I’m going to do now.

Okay, now the main body is back together I'm just going to put back on the external parts. There you go, one motor changed for a Dyson DC05. All of these spare parts are available on the eSpares website, as well as the Torx head screwdriver set that I used for the job.

Thanks for watching.

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