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How to Fit Plastic Flymo Lawnmower Blades Published 13/07/2010

To achieve a sharp cut of your lawn, it's important to make sure your blades are kept sharp. In this eSpares video, they explain how to fit plastic Flymo lawnmower blades, helping you to achieve a sharp cut throughout the spring and summer.

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Keeping sharp blades on your mower is important because blunt blades will rip at the grass and leave your lawn looking patchy. I’m going to show you how to change the plastic blades on this Flymo Hover mower - safety first, make sure your lawnmower is unplugged. 

Changing the blades is easy, lever them out from the holes and to replace them just push them back in again until it clicks  into place. 

Here’s another tip, if you need to change the cutting height of your lawnmower over the course of a season you can simply invert the blade. It’s on a short cut at the moment, turn it over and put it on a long cut.

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