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How to Replace the Shredding Line on a Flymo Garden Vacuum Published 04/04/2011

Replacing the cutting line on a Flymo garden vacuum is really easy. In this video Rory replaces the line on a Flymo Gardenvac 1600.

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If your Flymo garden vac isn’t shredding efficiently, it’s almost certain that the shredding line has worn down and needs to be replaced.

The good news is though, it’s really easy to do.

Safety first, so do make sure it’s unplugged before you get to work. There is a cut-out mechanism in the garden vac but you can only be too careful so do make sure it’s unplugged.

Anyway, I’m going to start by removing the frame and putting that to one side.

There you can see the shredding line and it’s really easy to remove- just do that.

Get the new one, they come in either packs of five or packs of thirty, and they’re so easy to fit- just like that and you’re good to go!

Your garden vac should be working at 100% efficiency once again.


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