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How to Replace the Filters on a Dyson - DC05 Published 09/07/2010

Changing your vacuum cleaner's filters on a regular basis will help to keep the suction of the appliance at its optimum performance. Find out how to replace the filter on a Dyson DC05, by watching this video. 

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Hi, I'm Rory from eSpares.

If your Dyson DC05 has lost suction, the most common cause is the filters in the vacuum becoming clogged or blocked.

Now, there are two filters in the DC05, there's this pre-motor filter, this is washable so you can just remove this part and run it under a cold tap with a mild detergent. Just make sure it's fully dried before you put it back into the vacuum. If your filter has become really dirty then you might just want to get a replacement. If you do, there you go, just get it, pop it in just like that.

The second filter is under here, now this is the post-motor filter. Depending on which DC05 you have, it could be that the post-motor filter is an H-layer filter, or a HEPA filter. Now, as you can see this one is a HEPA filter so you just need to take this one out. This one is really filthy and not washable so just take it out, get your new one and chuck it in.

There you go, filters replaced. All these filters are available on the eSpares website.

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