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How to Replace the Bin Base on a Dyson - DC07 Published 22/06/2010

If the bin base on your Dyson vacuum cleaner has broken, you'll need to replace it to keep your vacuum cleaner working to its full potential. Find out how to do this, by watching this eSpares video.

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Hi, I'm Matt from eSpares.

Now one of the annoying things that can break on a Dyson DC07 bin is the bin base. It's hinged and these corner pieces here can snap very easily; I'm going to show you how easy it is to replace.

Now, I'm just going to separate out the cyclone from the bin unit. If the bin itself is damaged then you can just replace the whole lot, with the bin base on it. Here's my new base, as you can see it's clear plastic rather than yellow, but otherwise it works exactly the same.

What I'm going to do is place one corner of the hinge in there, and click the other one in - you've got to be quite forceful with it. There we go. Let's just pop the cyclone back in, and there we go. That's as good as new.

Thanks for watching.

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