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How to Replace the Filters on a Dyson - DC07 Published 22/06/2010

To prevent loss of suction in your vacuum cleaner, it is important to regularly clean and change the vacuum cleaner filters. Find out how easy a job this is, by watching this eSpares video.

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Hi, I'm Matt from eSpares.

In this video, I'm going to show you how to change the filters on this Dyson DC07. Now do make sure you unplug it from the wall before you do any work.

There are two filters on a DC07, the first is here and this is a pre-motor filter. It is a washable filter and Dyson reckon you should wash this at least once every 6 months. Just wash it under the tap, under warm water, both the casing and the sponge itself. It can only be washed so many times, it starts to fall apart eventually and it is worth just replacing the whole thing. That just slots into place like that, and then click the housing back in.

Now next, I'm just going to take the canister out of the way so we can access the post-motor filter, which is under here. It's a bit awkward to get the cover off sometimes, and they do sometimes break along here when you're getting them off - if that happens, then that's very easy to replace.

Now this is a standard pad post-motor filter, you can see that's pretty grubby, and the new one just slots into place like that. Some DC07s are fitted with a HEPA filter, which will look like this one. If that's your type then make sure you replace it with that one, that just slots into place, it really is that easy.

Thanks for watching.

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