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How to Replace the Spraying System on a Dishwasher - Hotpoint Published 07/06/2010

Spray arms, channels, fixtures and fittings inside a dishwasher can all become damaged or worn through constant use. Get it sorted by watching eSpares demonstrate how it's done on a Hotpoint FDW80 dishwasher.

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Hi, I'm Matt from eSpares.

If you find that your dishwasher isn't washing the dishes properly, it could well be a problem with the internal spray system. Now there are parts in there that can perish over time, or limescale build-up can affect its performance. Let's take a look.

Just remove the lower basket, and here we can see the lower spray arm. Now that should just unscrew and pop out like that, and now the lower spray arm fixing kit - that's actually cracked if you can see that there. Ok, so we are going to replace the whole fixing kit. We have a new one here.  Now that’s too tight so we are going to need a wrench or mole grips just to loosen that off.

There we go and that just screws out, just pop the new one in and then we’ll put a brand new spray arm in while we’re there, there we go. Now the upper spray arm is connected to the upper basket, so if we just open the runner ends and we can slide the whole basket off and flip that over and we can see what we’re doing.

Just a twist and the upper spray arm will come off, the rubber seal here can very often perish so we’re going to replace it and put a new one on. You can replace this channel here, there we go. Another common replacement is this upper spray arm fixing nut and seal which goes back here and it’s worth just checking that seal and making sure there’s no damage there. If there is, again you might need the wrench or mole grips just to loosen this and then your new one just screws straight on.

So there are lots of parts on the internal spray system that are really easy to replace.

If you’ve noticed that limescale has been causing the problem, you might want to consider a monthly service wash with a limescale and detergent remover. You can find that, along with all the parts featured here, on the eSpares website.

Thanks for watching.

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