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How to Replace a Catch & Latch on a Hotpoint Dryer Published 07/06/2010

If your tumble dryer door either won’t stay closed or won't lock shut then the culprit is usually either the latch on the door or the catch on the machine itself. On most dryers they are very easy to replace and are held in place by one or two crosshead screws. In the video below Rory shows just how easy it is to replace both on Hotpoint TDC30p dryer.

If the problem isn’t with the catch or latch but rather with the “swing” of the door then the hinge is usually to blame. You can visit this article here which demonstrates how to replace the hinge and even reverse the swing of a Hotpoint dryer.

View All Tumble Dryer Spare Parts Now »Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares.

If you find that the door on your tumble dryer isn’t staying closed, it’s probably because either the catch or the latch is damaged.

Now, they come as a kit, so I’m going to replace both, starting with the catch. I just need to unscrew it...and it just simply pops out like that and the new one just pops in like that. I’m just going to replace the screw. The latch is also really easy, you just need to unscrew it...take it out, put the new one and replace.

There you go, one fully working door. Thanks for watching.

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