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How to Fix a Hotpoint Dryer That's Not Heating Up Published 07/06/2010

If your dryer isn't heating up, it's probably down to either the heating element or the thermostats. Most dryers have two thermostats and these correspond to the two temperatures that you can set your dryer to, typically “low” and “high” on most dryers. The other cause of a cold dryer is a faulty element.

Because the element and the thermostats are closely linked, and it can be very difficult to troubleshoot if either the thermostats or the element is the cause of the problem. Therefore we recommend that you replace both the thermostats and the element at the same time.

Here’s Rory to show you how to do just that on a Hotpoint TDC30p dryer:

View All Tumble Dryer Spare Parts Now »Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Rory from eSpares.

If you find that your tumble dryer isn’t heating, or is blowing cold air, it’s almost certain that the problem is with the thermostats or with the element. We recommend that you replace both at the same time and that’s what I’m going to do in this video.

Now, first things first, make sure your tumble dryer is unplugged, you don’t want to electrocute yourself. 

Now, both the thermostats and the element are located behind this back panel so I’m going to remove that, as well as the side panel. I also need to remove the top panel in order to remove the side panel, and that’s what I’m going to do now.

Now we’ve removed the back panel, we can see the old element and the old thermostats. Here, we have our new element and new thermostats. Now there are two very important things about these thermostats:

1.       They must be wired correctly-to do this, consult your thermostat documentation.

2.       Make sure that you don’t touch these circular gold discs in the middle, as this will damage the thermostat.

Now the wiring in your make or model will differ from what you see here and what’s so important is that you rewire everything exactly as you find it. If you don’t, you could damage the dryer.   Now what’s a good idea is to take photos so you can consult them later and make sure that you’re rewiring everything perfectly, I’m going to do that now.

Now that we’ve made sure that we know exactly how everything is wired, it’s time to start removing the element. Now we’ve removed the old element and thermostats, I’m just going to give it a quick wipe. Now I’m going to put the new thermostats in and now the element.

Once we’ve made sure all the wires are back exactly where we found them, it’s time to put everything back together, there you go, one working dryer. Thanks for watching.

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