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How to Fit an Electrolux Vacuum Drive Belt Published 16/04/2010

If you hear your vacuum's motor running but the brushroll isn't turning, it's time to change the drive belt. In this video eSpares show you how to change the drive belt on an Electrolux vacuum cleaner.

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Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Mike from eSpares, if you've noticed that the motor on your Electrolux vacuum is running okay, but the brush roll isn't spinning, you've almost certainly got a broken drive belt.

These drive belts fit a large number of Electrolux models but you need to make sure that yours is included in this list by checking the model information, this is found here – this is the Z2950A.

Fitting the belts themselves is a doddle, on this particular model we'll start by removing the cover with a screwdriver. Once the cover is off we can remove the belt, now if yours has been shredded or damaged it will be easy to pull away, but they're not difficult to remove anyway. Lift out the brush roll and pull it away from the motor spindle.

Now you'll notice that the new belt is considerably smaller-looking than the old one, this is just because the old one has stretched over time, it won't be a problem. To fit it, first of all feed it over the motor spindle, and then around the brush roll, pull the other end of the brush roll into the machine and pull it tight back into place. Now you need to rotate the brush roll a couple of turns to centre the belt, now you're ready to replace the cover and replace the screws.

There you go, you've saved yourself buying a new vacuum cleaner.

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