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How to Change a Fridge Light and Replace a Door Shelf Published 23/12/2008

Keeping your fridge freezer in top condition is easy. In this video eSpares demonstrate how to change the lightbulb and replace a door shelf in an AEG fridge.

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Hi, I’m Matt from eSpares, and today we will be looking at changing several parts on an AEG fridge freezer.

Now, safety first, always remember to unplug the machine from the mains, this one has been disconnected already.

Also, always buy the genuine spare parts for your model, for this, you’ll need all the model details and this can be located in a fridge, in the bottom section where the salad container will be, on a sticker or label. You can find all the parts you need on the website.

Right, let’s start by changing the fridge bulb, this cover only has one screw to undo it; other machines may not have a cover at all, or the cover simply pops off. Let’s unscrew the cover, you’ll see I’m using an electric screwdriver to speed things up, this Black and Decker screwdriver is available from the website.

After removing the cover, unscrew the old bulb, screw the new one back in its place, replace the cover and the screw like so, and we have light.

Next up, we’ll replace the door bottle shelf, this is the lowest shelf inside the fridge door, it obviously gets a lot of heavy use with milk and water etc. This particular one simply lifts up like so and the new one simply slides back into place.

The salad boxes or vegetable containers in freezers can easily crack as well, as you see, this one has a large crack in it, again, find the correct salad box or container for your model - this again, can be found at the website. Simply remove the old one and put the new, uncracked one in its place.

All the internal parts in a fridge can be replaced, including the shelves both in the door and in the main body of the appliance, the fridge seal can also be replaced, but we’ll be covering that in a different video.

This fridge is now as good as new, remember, all these parts can be located at the website, along with parts for over 500 leading brands of home and garden appliances.

Thanks for watching.

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